The HOPE Notebook

The HOPE Notebook (Helping Organize and Prepare Effectively) is an organizational system for parents, family members and caregivers of individuals with disabilities.

In caring for an individual with special health care or educational needs, you receive paperwork and information from a wide array of sources. This system will help you organize all of that information in one location so that you can find it when you need it. And, by keeping the information in a central location, it becomes easier to share information with others who are part of the individual’s educational or health care team.

We are also looking for partners who can help us distribute HOPE Notebooks to the special needs community. If you can help in this effort, please contact us.

Download the HOPE Notebook

God’s Perfect Child

A children’s book, written by Riley’s Dad and illustrated by his sisters, telling Riley’s story and helping others understand disabilities.

Riley’s Story: A Study of God’s Perfection

A 7-week Bible study curriculum that explores tragedy and how God uses it to accomplish His purposes.

Lesson titles:

  • Questions & Answers: Exploring Tragedy
  • An Uncertain and Unexpected Future: Shifting Gears
  • About God & Perfection: Shattering Boundaries
  • Burden or Blessing: Meeting the Challenge
  • The Paradox of Prayer: Learning to Listen
  • A Church that Changed: Growing Toward God
  • Becoming Like Jesus: Reaching Out